Chemical Reaction Engineering: Theses

Open Theses

We always offer highly attractive topics within our current research projects, which are available for Bachelor or Master thesis, as well as for Research Internships. The methodological focus ranges from synthesis of solid catalysts, via the operation of apparatuses for chemical reactions as far as modeling and simulation of multiphase equipment. If you are interested in working with us on a highly relevant research topic, please do not hestitate to contact the respective responsible person listed below!

Note that Bachelor thesis are usually in German, despite the topics below are provided in English.

Legend for type: Ba - Bachelor thesis, Ma - Master thesis, Ri - Research internship, Exp - Experimental, MoSi - Modeling & Simulation, Con - Constructive or Conceptional

Topic and short description and related project Start Supervisor Type
Various topics in direct collaboration with Industry any date Robert Güttel RiMa, ExpMoSi
Modeling and simulation of different aspects for the ammonia synthesis. The simulation work may for example focus on a steady-state tubular reactor model or on the modeling of the ammonia adsorption in a dynamic CSTR. any date Theresa Kunz BaRiMa, MoSi
Experimental investigations regarding sorption enhanced ammonia synthesis. any date Theresa Kunz BaRiMa, Exp
Extracting Kinetic Information from Equlibrium Data through Artificial Neural Networks. any date Hannes Stagge Ba, MoSiCon
Integrating a neural kinetic approach into a reactor model. any date Hannes Stagge RiMa, MoSi
Method development for the application of bayesian neural networks for learning rate parameters of heterogeneous reaction networks. any date Hannes Stagge RiMa, MoSi
Modeling and simulation of different aspects in the combination of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and hydrocracking. any date Kerstin Wein BaRiMa, MoSi
Synthesis of innovative Co-based (core-shell) catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. any date Kerstin Wein BaRiMa, Exp
Investigation of deactivation/reactivation and carbon deposition on Cobalt catalysts for methanation and FTS under dynamic conditions. any date Max Gäßler BaRiMa, MoSiExp
Investigation to identify and evaluate processes with large time constants in periodic limit cycles. any date Jens FriedlandMax Gäßler BaRi, MoSi
Discovery of real residence time distributions through artificial neural networks. any date Hannes StaggeMax Gäßler Ba, MoSiCon
Investigation of the activation behaviour of ruthenium catalysts for the CO2 hydrogenation any date Göran Baade BaRiMa, Exp
Simulation and modelling of CO2 activation and hydrogenation on ruthenium catalysts any date Göran Baade BaMa, MoSi
Modelling and Simulation of deactivation mechanisms in heterogeneous catalysis any date Simon Hermann BaRiMa, MoSi
Development of machine learning models for prediction of the catalyst deactivation of heterogeneous catalysts any date Simon Hermann BaRiMa, MoSi

Running Theses

Titel Student Type
Dynamische Modellierung der Ammoniaksynthese in einem polytropen Festbettreaktor Janina Palumbo Ma, MoSi
Modelling of a heterogeneous catalytic reaction and parameterization of catalyst activity in a fixed bed reactor using physicsinformed neural networks Meenakshi Josyula Ma, MoSi

Example Gallery (Selection)

Methane Synthesis on Mars

The Bachelor thesis (Ba-MoSi 2021 in German) analyzed a chemical reactor for synthesis of methane on Mars using the Aspen Plus simulation software. The conditions at Mars are really exciting for chemical reaction engineers.

Chemical Rollercoaster

The Master thesis (Ma-MoSiExp 2021) investigated the oxidation of methane into syngas at temperatures up to 1000°C for application in chemical looping. Syngas can be used in a next step for e-fuels synthesis.

Continuous Particle Synthesis

Based on a Bachlor thesis (Ba-Exp 2016 in German) we published a scientific paper in May 2017 on the continuous synthesis of nanostructured Co3O4@SiO2 core-shell particles using a laminar-flow reactor.

Highly Dynamic Experiments

Very fast periodic experiments allow to analyze the elementary steps in heterogeneous catalysis resolved for each individuel reactand, which was done in a Master thesis (Ma-Exp 2021).

Dynamic Reactor Behavior

In August 2017 we successfully published a scientific paper analyzing the dynamic behavior of continuously stirred tank reactors based on a Bachelor thesis (Ba-MoSi 2016 in German).

Limited by Chemical Equilibrium?

If yes: The Master thesis (Ma-Exp 2021) investigated sorption-enhanced methanation, in order to shift the chemical equilibrium towards the product side. The challenge is the dynamic operation of the reactor, which is then needed.