Quorum Cryosystem

Cryo preparation techniques allow the observation of wet or beam sensitive samples. The PP2000 is a column-adapted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system attached to SEM and SEM/FIB microscopes containing tools for fast freezing of samples and the transfer into the specimen chamber. The column preparation chamber is equipped with a fractionation unit, also enables a controlled sublimation, and provides the opportunity to coat the sample surface with a thin layer of platinum to avoid charging of non-conductive specimen. After preparation the specimen is transferred to a temperature cold stage, which is mounted on the microscope stage via a thermal insulating adapter. Cold trapping inside the cryo preparation chamber and the SEM chamber avoids the formation of frost during the whole process.

REM image of a Pseudococcidae (mealybug), 1000fold magnification

REM image of a Pseudococcidae (mealybug), 7991fold magnification