Arrival to Ulm

by plane:

Airport Stuttgart (approx. 80 km)   (service Stuttgart airport)

Airport Munich (approx. 135 km)         (service Munich airport)

Airport Friedrichshafen (approx. 100 km)         (service Friedrichshafen airport)

by train:                   (travel information Deutsche Bahn)

by tram:

Linie 2 (Kuhberg -> Science Park II)        (tram shedule)   

by bus:

Linie 5 (Ludwigsfeld/Wiley -> Wissenschaftsstadt), Linie 8 (Grimmelfingen -> Uni Süd), Linie 13 (Im Lehrer Feld -> Botanischer Garten), Linie 15 (Willy-Brandt-Platz -> Science Park III)                   (bus schedule)

by car:

Highway A8   Stuttgart - München
Highway A7   Würzburg - Kempten
other roads: B10, B19, B28, B39, B311

within the university building:

The university is split up into different  buildings, built up like a chessboard (see plan).
The entrance Süd (south) is in the building O25. We are located in building N25,  which is "nearly" straight ahead from the entrance.
The numbers of the buildings are over 3m high painted at the walls (nearby the stairs or the elevators).
Arrived in N25 go to the first floor (light green walls), there we are. The secretary's office has the number 3213
(Tel.: +49 (0) 731 50-23051)