Nano-Positioning System Software

We developed a new method termed Nano-Positioning System (NPS) which allows the localisation of flexible domains in macromolecules by using probabilistic data analysis and combining single-molecule measurements with X-ray crystallography data. With this approach, single-pair fluorescence resonance energy transfer measurements can now be used as a quantitative tool for investigating the position and dynamics of flexible domains within macromolecular complexes. For further details see here.

Energy based step-finder algorithm

Analyzing the physical and chemical properties of single DNA based molecular machines often necessitates tracking motion on the length scale of base pairs. Although high resolution instruments have been developed that are capable to reach that limit, individual steps are often times hidden by a significant amount of noise which complicates data processing. We developed an effective algorithm termed Energy based step-finder (EBS) which detects steps in a high bandwidth signal by minimizing energy functionals. For further details see here.