Dipl.-Ing. Günther Haas


Lab Courses

  • "Digital Communications" Laboratory
    Summer term 2014 - 2018, 2020 (Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Fischer)
    Summer term 2019                      (Lecturer: Dr. W. Teich)
  • Lab Course "Simulation in Communications Technology"
    Summer term 2003 - 2005
    Winter term 2003/04 - 2004/05


  • Kanalcodierung
    Winter term 1999/2000 (Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Bossert)

Assistance & Organisation

  • Communication Systems
    Summer term 2005 - 2013 (Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. H.-J. Dreßler)



  • Generalized Concatenation of Encoded Gaussian Filtered Continuous Phase Modulation (PDF, PS),
    Martin Bossert, Günther Haas, Sergo Shavgulidze, Armin Häutle, Hans Dieterich,
    In Conference Record: 3rd ITG Conference Source and Channel Coding,
    January 17-19, 2000, Munich, pp. 133-137

  • Generalized Concatenated Encoded Gaussian Filtered CPM (PDF, PS),
    Martin Bossert, Günther Haas, Armin Häutle, Hans Dieterich, Sergo Shavgulidze,
    In Proceedings on European Wireless '99, October 6-8, 1999, Munich, pp. 391-396


  • Partitionierung von Faltungscodes zur verallgemeinerten Verkettung (PDF, PS),
    Diplomarbeit (Diploma Thesis), Universität Ulm, Januar 1997

  • Negazyklische Codes und Lee-Metrik (PDF, PS),
    Studienarbeit (Semester Thesis), Universität Ulm, April 1996

Research Assistant