Seminar Communications Engineering


First Meeting and Registration

The preliminary discussion and registration will take place on campus:

  • Wednesday 20 April 2022
  • Seminar room 47.2.101

Participation at this meeting is mandatory.

Please regularly visit this website for the latest information!


The number of participants in this seminar course is limited. More information about the organization of the seminar course will be presented in the first meeting on 20 April 2022.


We are using the Moodle e-learning system, to submit reports and presentation slides and to keep in touch with students.

You will be registered to the Moodle page of the seminar by following the instructions in the section "First Meeting and Registration". No self-registration will be possible.

You will get all important information about the seminar in the first meeting.


Each semester a topic from the fields of communications engineering, information theory, and signal processing and its related disciplines is addressed.

The seminar is intended to master students in "Electrical Engineering" or in "Communication and Information Technology", specializing in "Communications".

Topic Summer Semester 2022:

Communications Engineering


The seminar requires active contributions of the students. Within the current general subject area of the seminar, each student is assigned a specific topic. He acquires knowledge in this field, such that he can present the material in a clear and structured way to his class mates. He summarizes the material in his own words in a short report. The "Rules of Good Scientific Practice" ( have to be obeyed; in particular, any form of plagiarism is not tolerated.

Each participant is assumed to

  • write a brief report (6 to 8 pages) on the topic,
  • give a presentation (25 minutes) on his assigned topic, and
  • actively participate at all other talks and contribute to the discussion.
Summer Semester 2022

Kombi Format (on campus and online)