Lecture Winter Term 2017/2018

DAV Supplement 



Alexander Lindner

Abdulkahar Alkadour




Additional course to  Financial Mathematics I to obtain the DAV-certificate "Finanzmathematik und Investmentmanagement" (Financial Mathematics and Investment Management).

Time and venue:

On every  Monday and Wednesday between 06/11/2017 and 29/11/2017, 18:00 - 19:30, N24-H14.

First appointment: Monday, 06/11/2017, 18:00-19:30, N24-H14




written, 26.02.2018. Details, see Financial Mathematics 1


DAV certificate only in connection with passing Financial Mathematics I.

If you are sure that you going to write the exam, do the following:

For registration for the DAV certificate, i.e. attending the DAV exam, please send an e-mail to Abdulkahar Alkadour until 09/02/2018 with the following data:

In the reference line: DAV Registration (FiMa)

First Name:

Family Name:

Matriculation number:

Admission obtained in the previous years (proof required)/Admission this year:

DAV Certificate only/DAV Certificate + “normal” certificate in Financial Mathematics:

Field of Study:


Please provide the data in the above order in your e-mail.


Exercise Sheet:




Prerequisites:Financial Mathematics I (can be done simultaneously).

  • Derivatives and Markets
  • Hedging Option
  • Hedging Futures
  • Applications of Swaps, Forward Swaps and Swaptions in Investment-Management
  • Peter Albrecht; Raimond Maurer, Investment- und Risikomanagement : Modelle, Methoden, Anwendungen
  • John C. Hull, Optionen, Futures und andere Derivate
  • John C. Hull, Options, Futures and Other Derivates
  • Philippe Jorion, Financial Risk Manager Handbook
Information:Website of John C. Hull.