We thank all our previous team members and students for the contributions they have made to the success of our institute!

  • WS 2023/2024 (M.Sc )
  • Real time Localisation and Measuring of QRS complexes
  • WS 2023/2024 (M.Sc )
  • Machine Learning for real-time detection of sleep arousals
  • SS 2023 (B.Sc )
  • Wearable actimeter design with a temperature sensor
  • WS 2022/2023 (M.Sc )
  • Real-time sleep stage classification using lightweight embedded deep learning

Researchers mentored by Prof. Karlen

who moved to academia and business

Dr. Chris Brouse, now Health Sensing Algorithms at Apple

Dr. Caroline Lustenberger, now Group Leader at ETH Zurich

Dr. Giulia Da Poian, now Group Leader at ETH Zurich

Dr. Patrick Schwab, now Director of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at GlaxoSmithKlein

Dr. Maria Laura Ferster, now Product and technology design engineer at Tosoo AG

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