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Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) are indispensable instruments in every RF laboratory as they provide the most common way to characterize network parameters (e.g. scattering parameters, impedance or admittance parameters, etc.) of electrical networks (power amplifiers, filters and other n-port networks). As a result, understanding the fundamental principles of VNA measurements belongs to the essential knowledge of an RF engineer. The main goal of this laboratory course is to introduce students the fundamental RF VNA measurement techniques, principles, manipulations and measurement procedures. Throughout different measurement exercises, this course will provide students firm grasp and validation of the common theory gained in previous electro-technical courses.

 List of experiments:

•    R, L, C measurements
•    Measurements on a bias tee (RF/DC coupler)
•    Measurements on a radio frequency filter
•    Measurements on a quartz crystal resonator
•    Measurements on a semiconductor diode
•    De-embedding procedures and
•    Measurements of FET and BJT transistors in a test fixtur
•    Measurements on coaxial cables (dielectric constant, length              
•    Time domain reflectometry: measurements on passive
•    Components, localizations of faults in transmission lines
•    Introduction to the time gating as a deembedding technique

ENGB 71737


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dietmar Kissinger



SWS: 3