Ziele des Projekts

Main goal of the MAHEPA project is to develop and improve the low emission propulsion technology from the research level to the product stage. Due to this developments the environmental goals for aviation in the year 2050 can be achieved.

The hybrid powertrain architecture in the MAHEPA project is developed in a modular approach, consisting of a power generation module (PGM), power management control and delivery module (PMCD) and a thrust delivery module (TDM).

For the power generation module two variations of serial-hybrid-electric propulsion architectures are developed:

The first architecture consists of an internal combustion engine (ICE) that is fueled with hydrocarbons and alternative fuels. The ICE drives an electrical generator that generates electricity. The electricity can be used to drive an electrical motor for the propeller or can be stored in the battery.

In the second architecture a proton exchange membrane fuel cell produces the electricity to drive an electrical motor for the propeller or to supply a battery with electricity.

The modular approach will showcase the flexibility and scalability of the hybrid powertrain architecture. By an implementation study the commercial/transportation aspects of hybrid propulsion architecture in aviation will be examined. By examining the flight tests data the performance, efficiency and emission reduction capabilities of both hybrid-electric-propulsion technologies will be validated. From those results, conclusions about the suitability of these technologies towards the megawatt scale can be drawn.


  • Power electronics and power management for hybrid propulsion systems
  • Test bench for hybrid powertrain assessment
  • Emission measurement of hybrid propulsion systems
  • Under pressure chamber tests to simulate flight conditions
  • Cooling system for hybrid propulsion systems


WP1:     Powertrain architecture design and power management, control and delivery

WP2:     Component development

WP3:     Component qualification and assembly into ICE-Hybrid powertrain

WP4:     ICE-Hybrid powertrain integration into airframe

WP5:     Component qualification and assembly into FC-hybrid powertrain

WP6:     FC-Hybrid powertrain integration into airframe

WP7:     Flight testing

WP8:     Consolidation of results and trend analysis

WP9:     Scalability studies

WP10:   Strategies for maximizing the impact of hybrid electric aircraft on near term (2025), medium term (2035) and long term (2050) scenarios studies

WP11:   Dissemination, communication and exploitation

WP12:   Management

WP13:   Ethnics requirements

Red marked participation of University Ulm


Dieses Projekt wird im Rahmen des Horizon 2020 Forschungs- und Innovationsprogramms der Europäischen Union unter der Nummer 723368 gefördert

Projektlaufzeit: 05/2017 - 04/2021

Projektumfang: 130 Personenmonate

Offizielle Projekthomepage: https://mahepa.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahepa4/