Institutsseminar (Wintersemester 2009/2010)

Ort & Zeit

Das Institutsseminar des Insituts für Mikro- und Nanomaterialien findet mittwochs von 15:00 bis 16:30 im Seminarraum 47.2.228 statt.


15.10.09, 15:00Hemant MulmudiMaster's thesis presentation: Application and further development of cross-sectional nanoindentation for mechanical stability assessment of complex BEOL stacks with Cu/low-K
21.10.09- no seminar -
28.10.09- no seminar -
04.11.09, 15:45Jules DakeThe effects of hydrogen on the deformation behavior of micropillars
11.11.09, 16:00Jia WangMaster's thesis presentation: Synthesis and characterization of optical properties of rare earth-doped TiO2 nanoparticles
18.11.09Thomas WerzGrain growth and computed tomographapy — an approach to investigating Ostwald ripening
25.11.09, 16:15Dan ZhuOn the biocompatibility of diamond
02.12.09Zhenyu WuNanolayer coatings by Atomic Layer Deposition for novel ferrofluid applications
09.12.09 (Room 43.2.103)Mohammad HammadMaster's thesis presentation: Optical and energy-transfer studies of rare earth-doped nano-oxides
16.12.09Kejing YangIn situ compression tests of nanocrystalline Pd and Pd-10 at% Au alloys
23.12.09 – 06.01.10- no seminar -
13.01.10Lionel KronerThermal stability of nanocrystalline alloys — "There and back"
20.01.10Prof. Dmitri Louzguine, Tohoku UniversityBulk metallic glasses — crystallization, compaction, deformation and fracture behavior
27.01.10Mike HaddadBasic mechanisms of mechanical property enhancement for carbon steels through controlled nanostructure formation
03.02.10Benjamin RiedmüllerFabrication and first characterization of Co nanoparticles deposited on antiferromagnetic substrates
10.02.10- no seminar -
17.02.10Neda SadrifarPreparation and characterization of sputtered CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB-based TMR magnetic tunnel junctions
24.02.10- no seminar -
03.03.10 15:00Ahmed MunawarMaster's thesis presentation: Study of NiMn-based exchange bias systems in TMR sensors


Prof. C. E. Krill III, Ph.D.