Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme SS17

Das Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme findet in Kooperation der Institute für Optoelektronik, elektronische Bauelemente und Schaltungen und Mikro- und Nanomaterialien statt.


25.04.2017Vignesh Devaki MurgesanOptoA New Approach to 3D Imaging
02.05.2017Sandra RiedmüllerUMSInvestigations on manufacturing and RF-characteristics of GaN-based FETs

Oliver RettigOptoInvestigations on the Epitaxy of AlBN-Heterostructures for Applications in UV-LEDs
Markus MohrMNMNovel nanostructured diamond layers with optimized mechanical, electrical and thermal properties
16.05.2017Bastian Rapp KITRapid Prototyping in Microfluidics: New Perspective by New Materials

Sven BaderOptoVCSELs with Optically Controlled Current Confinement
Pierre DenisMNMNanopourous gold optained by dealloying nanostructured metallic glass thin films

Raphael ZellerMNMCapturing the evolution of fractal abnormal grains in nanocrystalline Pd90Au10
Martin SchneidereitOptoGaN-based optoelectronic sensors for biochemical sensing

Arezo BehroudjEBSBottom-up Regrowth of Silicon Nanowires for Advanced 3D Nanoscale Probe
Yue DongMNMCo content effect on structure and properties of ZrCuNiAlCo bulk metallic glasses

Markus PolanikOptoHigh-Power Optically Pumped Semiconductor Disk Lasers
Tanja SandnerEBSKelvin probe studies of surface modifications on silicon nanowires for surface passivation

Mingyan WangMNMExtracting the kinetics of grain growth in Al-based polycrystals from 4D measurements
Roger King PhilipsOptoelectronic products and trends at Philips Photonics

Ashkan DjaberiEBSCatalyst-free Synthesis of Sillicon Nanowires
Runbang ShaoMNMPreparation and Characterization of Granular Magnetic Nano-Composites
04.07.2017Michael RoosEBSNanoscale Sensors for Cellular Lung Analytic

Michael MertensMNM/GFDHighly conductive ultrananocrystalline diamond films for medical applications
Markéta ZikováOptoAlB(Ga)N layers grown by MOVPE for UV LED applicatoins

Ardeshir MoeinianEBSBottom-up Synthesized Silicon Nanowires for Optical Sensing Applications
Florian OstermaierMNMForce and Viscosity Measurements using Magnetic Nanoparticles
Raum & Zeit

Raum: Uni-West 45.2.101

Zeit: Dienstags 16-18