Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme WS17/18

Das Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme findet in Kooperation der Institute für Optoelektronik, elektronische Bauelemente und Schaltungen und Mikro- und Nanomaterialien statt.


17.10.2017Jassim Bin ShahbazOptoInGaN Heterostructures for Gas Sensing
Ahmed ChnaniEBSBottom-Up Synthesis and Characterization of Hematite Nanostructure Photoanodes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
24.10.2017Tobias PuschOptoBirefringence Tuning in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
31.10.2017 - kein Seminar (Reformationstag) -
07.11.2017-  kein Seminar -
14.11.2017Jan-Patrick ScholzOptoInvestigations of GaN-based vertical field effect transistors for applicatoins in high-power electronics: Introduction
21.11.2017Mingyan WangMNMExtracting the kinetics of grain growth Part II: Grain boundary curvature analysis in voxel-based presentations of polycrystalline microstructures
Ashkan DiaberiEBSEarly Growth Stages of Catalyst-free Silicon Nanowire
28.11.2017Vignesh Devaki MurugesanOptoDistance Measurement using Electro-absorption Modulator
Runbang ShaoMNMPreparation and Characterization of Granular Magnetic Nano-Composites
05.12.2017Markus MillerOptoRefractive index measurement by gain/loss induced resonance
12.12.2017Sven BaderOptoOptical Simulations of Current Apertures in PT-VCSELs

Madeleine Nilsen

EBSCustomization of AFM Cantilevers by Dry Photoresist Films
Yue DongMNMStructure, mechanical properties and severe plastic deformation of Zr64-xNi10Al7Cu19Cox bulk metallic glasses

Sandra RiedmüllerOpto/UMSInvestigations on Manufacturing and RF-characteristics of GaN-based FETs
Pierre DenisMNMThe effect of high-pressure torsion on the mechanical properties of bulk metallic glasses
16.01.2018Markus PolanikOptoOptically Pumped Semiconductor Disk Lasers with Ultra-Low Quantum Defect
Michael SimonMNM/DaimlerTopography-based Friction Simulation of Ring-Packs in Combustion Engines

Oliver RettigOptoInvestigations on the Growth of Thin AlBGaN Layers
Ardeshir MoinianEBSSingle nanowire optical pH measurement device

Arezo BehroudjEBSFabrication and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires on AFM probes
Martin SchneidereitOptoSpace resolved photoluminescence mapping of planar InGaN sensor structures

Florian OstermaierMNMForce and Viscosity Measurements using Magnetc Nanoparticles
Michael RoosEBSSilicon-nanowire Sensors for Cellular Lung Analytics
13.02.2018Hristian NaumoskiMNM/DaimlerInfluence of manufacturing processes of electrical machines on the magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steel
Raphael ZellerMNMGrain boundary morphologies in nanocrystalline Pd90Au10 go fractal: a simulation study of the growth kinetics
Raum & Zeit

Raum: Uni-West 45.2.101

Zeit: Dienstags 16-18