Project - Analog CMOS Circuit Design (WS)


In this project, the students will design and layout various analog modules in an advanced sub-micron CMOS technology. The combination of the realized modules is integrated into a toplevel design. The students will operate the industry standard Cadence Design Environment. This course is intended to provide hands-on design experience of modern CMOS analog circuit and systems.

Planned module contents

  • Design of Biasing Networks
  • Design of multistage Differential Amplifier
  • Design of high-speed comparators
  • Design of a Switched Capacitor Integrator
  • Design of an Analog-Digital-Converter
  • Toplevel design
  • Layout of the modules


This project is intended for students with background in Analog CMOS Circuit Design.
Very good result in the exam "Integrated Analog Circuits / Integrierte Analogschaltungen" or similar proven experience in analog CMOS design is mandatory.

If you want to participate, please sign into the Moodle Course and fill out the survey on the Moodle course page. Please complete the survey until 12.10.2023 to help us better organize the project (one week before the start of the project on 19.10.2023).

Attendance to all lab sessions is mandatory!


  • Allen P.E., Holberg, D.R. "CMOS Analog Circuit Design", Oxford University Press
  • Baker, R.J. "CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation", Wiley
  • Razavi, B. "Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits", McGraw-Hill
  • Johns, D. "Analog Integrated Circuit Design", Wiley
  • Course language: English (German upon request)
  • Course material: Handouts for the various modules of the project and multimedia learning tool for the design environment.