Dr. Charlotte Roy

Since June 2017Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Applied Cognitive Psychology, University of Ulm
2013-2017PhD in Human Movement Science: “Effect of audio-tactile rhythmic stimulation on the coordination of movements”. Supervisors: Dr. Julien Lagarde and Pr. Simone Dalla Bella, EuroMov laboratory, Montpellier University.
2012-2013Master’s degree, “Human Movement Science”, Montpellier University.
2009-2011Master’s degree, “Cognitive and Experimental Psychology”, Montpellier University.
2006-2009Bachelor in Psychology, Montpellier University.






Charlotte Roy
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Charlotte Roy
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Research Interests

Charlotte Roy’s main research focused on the interaction between multisensory processes and the sensorimotor system. Specifically, she investigated the effects of audio-tactile integration on walking.
The research in the Appl. Cogn. Psyc. Group will focus on the role of prior knowledge during human navigation.