Customer and product data as a catalyst for innovative software development

Universität Ulm

Computer Science Colloquium as part of the SE Lectures with Prof. Holmström-Olsson from Malmö University, Wednesday, 13.02.2019, 14:15, building N24, room H15

Digitalization is rapidly transforming not only software-intensive companies but all companies and society in large. Typically, digitalization is understood as using software and customer/product data to offer significantly improved products, pure software products as well as digital and data-driven services with the intent to create new revenue opportunities and accelerate innovation. However, despite the many opportunities, most companies fail in building new core capabilities and they struggle with transitioning towards new, innovative and digital ways-of-working. This talk explores the opportunities and challenges associated with digitalization and provides guidance on how to avoid being disrupted and instead reap the benefits with what is a transformation we have only seen the beginning of.

Wednesday, 13.02.2019, 14:15, building N24, room H15


Helena is a Professor in Computer Science at Malmö University, Sweden. She got her PhD from University of Gothenburg in 2004. Her research is conducted in close collaboration with industry and as a senior researcher and project leader in Software Center. Her research interests include business and software ecosystems, data driven development, autonomous systems and software engineering for AI systems. She publishes her research in leading journals within the field of software engineering (Google Scholar).

SE Lectures

Data is the central resource for innovation in many different fields.  Hence, it is of paramount importance to properly handle data as an integral part of software engineering. The SE Lectures lecture series will explore the new role of data in software engineering and the new possibilities it offers for software engineering. Read more...

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Prof. Dr. Helena Holmström Olsson