Denis Neumüller

My general research interest is the area of software engineering, with a focus on the design and development of software systems. I am especially interested in research concerning software architectures, including design patterns, architecture refactoring, architecture reengineering, and automated software engineering.
Besides my involvement in the GENIAL! project, I am systematically working towards defining open challengens for a suitable PhD topic in this area. I employ empirical methods to validate and ensure the quality of my research.

Research Projects

Tools to accelerate innovation along the automotive value chain



Juhnke, Katharina; Neumüller, Denis; Tichy, Matthias
A Quality Model and Checklists for Reviewing Automotive Test Case Specifications
Software Quality Days (SWQD 2022), Vienna, Austria

M.Sc. Denis Neumüller

Denis Neumüller
M.Sc. Denis Neumüller
Research Assistant
Ulm University
Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89069 Ulm
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