Credit Analysis Summer 2019

General Remarks

More information and downloads are made available via Moodle.

Characterizing the course

  • Make you familiar with state-of-the art credit analysis used by banks, rating agencies, fund management, supervisory authorities
  • Quantitative yet practical
  • Computer-aided exercises
  • Prerequisites: Basic financial theory, statistics
  • Career relevance: banking, corporate finance, rating agencies, fund management, supervisory authorities, consulting, accountancy.

Course Contents

  • Single-obligor credit analysis
  • Credit portfolio risk
  • Bank regulation
  • Credit derivatives, securitization and the recent financial crisis

For more information about the course content, please see the module description.


The following textbook has the biggest overlap with the course:

Löffler/Posch: Credit Risk Modeling using Excel and VBA, Wiley.

Other useful textbooks 

  • Bessis: Risk management in banking
  • Crouhy/Galai/Mark: Risk Management, McGraw-Hill.
  • Duffie/Singleton: Credit Risk, Princeton University Press
  • Saunders/Cornett: Financial Institutions Management, McGraw-Hill.
  • Oehler/Unser: Finanzwirtschaftliches Risikomanagement, Springer.




First lecture: Tuesday, April 23rd

Dates and Room

Tuesdays: 14.15 - 15.45   H12

Wednesdays:  10.15 - 11.45   H14

First session on Tuesday, April 23rd.


The exam is of closed form that means you have to take the first exam to be allowed to take the retake of the exam.

Module description

This lecture is open for

  • Wiwi (MSc, Dipl)
  • WiMa/WiPhy (MSc, Dipl)
  • Finance (MSc)

and others according to study plan.