Welcome to Cernansky Quantum Nanophotonics Lab

Cernansky research group September 2023

Open Positions

We are always looking for motivated PhD students and Post doctoral researchers. For futher information please contact Dr. Cernansky.

Research Interests

We are insterested in developing integrated photonic structures in silicon carbide for quantum technology applications. The group was established in March 2023 and since then two PhD students a research associate and a Postdoc has joined our group with diverse backgrounds. 



We welcome new PhD Student to our group, Mrs. Humaira Rehman working on quantum sensing and fabrication of photonic strucutres in silicon carbide.


We welcome new Postdoc to our group, Dr. Benjamin Haylock working on photonic structures in silicon carbide.


We welcome new research staff to our group, Mr. Paul Fisher working on defect implantation in silicon carbide.


We welcome new PhD Student to our group, Mr. Alexander Zappacosta working on quantum sensing with silicon carbide.