This is the fifth volume of The Sparrow, and the range and quality of the contributions show that our little publication is growing in strength and diversity. The contributors are all students or employees from the University of Ulm.
Volume 5 contains only stories in English. This was not a conscious decision on the part of the editors, but simply the way things came together, and we will in future be continuing to publish stories in German, too. And again, there was no conscious plan to have a linking theme in the stories, but nevertheless, there does seem to be one: relationships, and particularly difficult relationships at that!
The first story is “Blemished” by Carolyn Kotlowski, an intricate tale dealing with the different worlds of adults and children, followed by r. boothe’s dark story of deceit and deception, “Checkmate”. Katja Rodgers’ “Detachment”, deals with the theme of emotional flight and eventual acceptance of loss. Markus Philipp Schäffer’s story is set in the immediate post‐war period and is a vivid picture of the realities of life and survival at the time. This is followed by Evelyne Riedel’s “Lethal Dose”, also set in the post‐war period, but dealing with the theme of return, feelings of emotional betrayal and revenge. Miloslava Evtimova’s “Snowflake” is a tale of emotional indecision and prevarication, with the element of magic realism playing a part. Vihren Stoev’s “And That Was When the Pain Came” is a poignant story of break‐up and death and the desperation and pain of love. Kacy McQueen’s wonderful pastiche of the style of erotic romance fiction, “Frenzied Passion”, provides a light‐hearted conclusion to the volume.
The excellent illustration in the volume was provided by Evelyne Riedel.
The standard of writing in this volume is again particularly high, and we hope that you, the readers, will enjoy reading the contributions, and possibly be encouraged to contribute to The Sparrow themselves!

The Editors

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