This is the sixth volume of The Sparrow. Once again the contributions have been excellent and the high standard of prose maintained. If I might just make one point, however, the inclusion of more poetry would be more than welcome, for Volume 7 (like Volume 5 before it) contains only prose stories (in English).

These stories, however, are diverse and cover a wide range of themes from moral philosophy to contract killing. The first story, Yasmin El Desssouky’s “A Tale about Maturity: Reflections” is, as the title suggests, more of a reflective essay on the topic of maturity. This is followed by “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang“ by Marlene Hahn where the ironies of life and death are portrayed. Frieder Horlacher’s “Madness or the Third Rule” humorously takes the logical absurdity of madness to a new level, whilst the story “If I Wasn't Sure” by Evgenia Kozyreva is a subtle description of the vagaries of character and the nature of relationships. This is followed by two stories by Sebastian Weber, “The Chain of Command”, a science fiction tale of heroism and the human spirit, and then a more whimsical story “It Was a Dark, Stormy... Aaaaargggh!” a subtle metaphor for life itself and our helplessness in the face of it!

We have two excellent illustrations provided by Marlene Hahn and Evgenia Kozyreva.

We hope that you, the readers, will enjoy reading the contributions, and possibly be encouraged to contribute to The Sparrow themselves!

The Editors

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