Civil Engagement Certificate

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The Civil Engagement Certificate was created in 2012 to document and acknowledge gained expert knowledge, continuing education and outstanding personal engagement in the recipient’s domain. In addition to the conceptual value, this 'certificate' for social competence also has the purpose to boost the recipients’ chances of success with regards to career entrance or career advancement.

Ulm University issues this certificate for individuals who contribute to the University in an honorary capacity, for example, in projects for pupils and students, in the Centre for General Scientific Education (ZaWiW), the Botanical Garden etc.

This certificate is not for members of the University who are active within the capacity of their employment duties.

Applications can be submitted by the directors of institutions & institutes.

Given that personal data are required to issue the certificate, the recipients themselves need to explicitly declare their consent.

The Civil Engagement Certificate is signed by the President and handed over by the director of the institution/institute.

Application form: Civil Engagement Certificate

Declaration of consent for the processing of personal data (to be filled out by the recipient)


Please note:

We also have a Volunteer Certificate for students.

This is to attest voluntary and unpaid engagement, which can be helpful with job applications.