Scientific Workshop - University of Ulm

The Scientific Workshop can be used by all departments of the university to fulfill their service tasks.
We differentiate between work orders (manufacturing/modification/repair) and withdrawals from the material and standard parts warehouse and the electronics warehouse. For general requests, please use the request form.
Note: For tasks related to building technic, please contact the Faculty V - Building Management.

"Nothing here is off the shelf, and you can't buy it either."
What is created here is always unique. Students, doctoral candidates, professors, and scientists from all departments come to express their wishes and ideas. Whether it's a delicate individual part, a complex apparatus, or even an entire experimental setup, we help wherever we can.

With approximately 50 employees (including part-time workers and trainees), the Scientific Workshop is committed to providing scientific services and is a central operational unit of the university.

For members of the university, it is possible to purchase available materials and standard parts for personal use. Payment is exclusively with the chip card. There is no processing of the materials (except for cutting rods or plates).

In special cases, cooperation with associated institutes and companies is also possible.

Further information can be found in the workshop regulations.

Gruppenfoto Mitarbeiter Wissenschaftliche Werkstatt
Your workshop team
Opening hours:

                  Monday - Friday:                   07:30 am - 12:00 pm

                  Monday - Thursday:              12:30 pm - 03:30 pm

         The opening hours of individual departments may vary slightly,
         but we are generally available during these times.

Ausbildungsprojekt Stirlingmotor
Training project: stirling engine

Contact details:

Jürgen Mähnß
phone: +49 731 50-27200

Marina Treichel
Sabine Böcker


phone: +49 731 50-27201

Alexander Vogel
phone: +49 731 50-27205

Bernd Folli
phone: +49 731 50-27282

Wolfgang Rapp
phone: +49 731 50-27210

Christian Weich
phone: +49 731 50-27281

Dep. Uni-East:
Thomas Cesare
phone: +49 731 50-27220

Dep. Uni-West:
Thomas Kraft
phone: +49 731 50-27221

Plastic processing:
Holger Musati
phone: +49 731 50-27285

Niklas Rau
phone: +49 731 50-27222

Hartmut Steeb
phone: +49 731 50-27230

Jonas Geißel
phone: +49 731 50-27240

Janina Geiß
phone: +49 731 50-27240

Reinhard Liske
phone: +49 0731 50-21700

Manfred Kley
phone: +49 731 50-21714

Jürgen Haringer
phone: +49 731 50-27225

Sebastian Kamaras
phone: +49 731 50-27222


Franz Dornacher
phone: +49 731 50-27290

Manfred Schiedeck
phone: +49 731 50-27236


Dominik Gaeta
phone: +49 731 50-21713