Scientific Workshop - Glassblowing Deparment

Hot Processing:

The raw materials for a glass apparatus maker are tubes of different diameters and various semi-finished parts such as ground joints (plug connections), valves, threads, and hose connections. The heart of the processing is the burner, which reaches temperatures of up to 2,500 °C using a mixture of propane and oxygen. Only through the combination of heat and craftsmanship can we create a wide variety of glassware according to customer specifications.

Cold Processing:

To mechanically process glass, two things are needed: a tool that is harder than glass (such as corundum or diamond) and water as a coolant. With the available machines, we can cut, drill, grind glass, and also optically polish and ultrasonically drill in the mechanics department.


We essentially use three types of glass:

  • Borosilicate glass 3.3 is the standard glass for technical applications. It is characterized by its high chemical resistance and temperature change resistance.
  • Quartz glass is used wherever high temperatures (up to 1,100°C) occur in the application, high purity is important, or UV permeability is required.
  • Soda-lime glass in the form of float glass panes has a very good optical surface and is cut and cold processed by us.