Structure and function of the Scientific Workshop

The Scientific Workshop is divided into several workshop departments with different specializations.

According to the administrative and usage regulations, the Workshop Commission is responsible for fundamental questions related to the Scientific Workshop.

The task of the Scientific Workshop is to develop and manufacture non-commercial scientific equipment for teaching and research, which is usually produced individually on behalf of and in close contact with users. This also includes:

  • Procuring and storing materials and tools for the purposes of the Scientific Workshop,
  • Advising users on the development of scientific equipment, even if they are not manufactured in the Scientific Workshop,
  • Supervising apprentices,
  • Providing opinions on procurement requests for material processing machines and equipment if their price is over EUR 25,000.

Excerpt from administrative and usage regulations:

§6 Workshop Commission

(1) The Workshop Commission, without prejudice to the competence of the university authorities, is responsible for fundamental issues relating to the Scientific Workshop. It makes proposals to the competent authorities, in particular for the further development and management and use of the Scientific Workshop. It appoints members to the commission for the selection of the managers of the two workshops. It must be consulted prior to the issuance of a modified fee schedule by the President. It decides in cases of conflict between the workshops and users.

(2) The Workshop Commission consists of:

  • The President or a full-time professor appointed by him/her as chairman.
  • The management of the Scientific Workshop.
  • The deputy management of the Scientific Workshop.
  • For the Scientific Workshop, up to five experts (subject representatives) appointed by the Senate on the proposal of the faculties, taking into account the main user groups. The faculties have a right to propose.
  • Two persons elected by the employees for the Scientific Workshop.

The term of office for the elected members is two years.

chairman: Ulrich Herr
workshop management Jürgen Mähnß
deputy workshop management Reinhard Liske
workshop committee member Thorsten Bernhard
workshop committee member Fiodar Jelezko
workshop committee member Hans-Joachim Wilke
workshop committee member Marc Ernst
employee representative Rainer Ganser
employee representative Christian Weich