Our suppliers

Here we have listed the websites of the suppliers and companies from which we regularly purchase material/services. (alphabetically and without claim to completeness)

general electronics

special (measuring) technology

other companies

Bürklin dataTek AZ-delivery (Arduino)
Conrad ELV , Bauteile Autodesk (CAD, Fusion 360, ehem. EAGLE(Cadsoft))
Digi-Key Leuchtmittelmarkt Felder, Stannol (Lötzinn)
Distrelec Multi-cb (Leiterplatten/Trafo) Fluke (Messgeräte)
Farnell/element14 Nanotec (Motoren) Maxim (SE) (IC's)
Mouser Pohltechnik (Temeraturregler) Exp-Tech (Arduino...)
Reichelt Pollin (nur für Spezialaufträge) elektor (Magazin)
RS-Components   Watterott (Arduino..)
Völkner (= Conrad) Lauda (Labortechnik) Eckstein (Arduino...)
  GFL (Labortechnik) MSK (Bürotechnik)
  Julabo (Labortechnik) Watterott (Arduino..)
    VWR (Laborbedarf an der Uni)

Data Sheets

Since all data sheets are actually available on the Internet from the relevant manufacturers, we limit our own archive to a collection of the parts we have in stock. A Google query with the component designation is usually sufficient. A large collection of data sheets is also available on the following pages: