Unlearned Lessons – Women on the Rise

In this project women' s groups from partners' institutions out of 4 different countries (Germany, Austria, Spain and Poland) including interested men set out to search for traces of powerful women in the own national history in order to discover their efforts and influence on society by studying the historical and social conditions and restrictions - "unlearned lessons"- which had not been taught in schools.

They will work out short biographies based on the historical and social background of the time they lived, especially in the 18th to 20th century. Criteria have to be developed for the selection of the women. Then the women's personal stories will be collected, presented to the other groups and compared. Creative forms of presentation will be encouraged in the four project meetings. The results will be published in a website and in a brochure.

Involved will be also learners from language courses from the involved institutions to make translations. Virtual translation tandems will be also initiated and the members of the project will be trained to use email, Skype, translation tools and glossaries. A common multi-language project website with background information, presentations of the 25 women prepared by each partner group and other materials will be created.

This project will encourage women and men to see that certain processes for gender equality have taken a long time and Women on the Rise had been often in an advanced age when they began their engagement for gender equality and equal opportunities. This makes aware that with engagement and conviction aims in personal life and society can be reached.

Main languages: English and German

Partner organizations:

  • "Virtuelles und reales Lern- und Kompetenz-Netzwerk älterer Erwachsener (ViLE) e.v." , (www.vile-netzwerk.de) (Koordinator), in Cooperation with ILEU e.V. and with Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education (ZAWiW) in Ulm, Germany
  • University of Alicante, in Kooperation with the University of the 3rd Age Alicante, Spain
  • Die Wiener Volkshochschulen, Volkshochschule Alsergrund, Vienna, Austria
  • University of the 3rd Age der Universität Lodz, Poland

More information: www.unless-women.eu

Carmen Stadelhofer
E-Mail: carmen.stadelhofer(at)uni-ulm.de
Gabriela Körting
E-Mail: gabriela.koerting(at)uni-ulm.de