Dr. Judith Wewerka

Judith Wewerka studied Mathematics in Data Science at the Technical University of Munich and graduated in June 2018. Her Master's Thesis dealt with solving underdetermined linear systems of equations using l1-regularization and a new near-optimal approach to find the regularization parameter using the given noisy data. In practice, she reconstructed real-life MRI images from noisy and incomplete signals with Matlab.

During her external dissertation, in cooperation with BMW, she investigates novel methods of process automation. In particular, she is interested in Robotic Process Automation, a technology that programs software robots to mimic human interactions in business processes. You can find more information about her PhD topic in the CheckRPA project.

In her leisure time, she likes going climbing and bouldering or hiking in the mountains. Moreover, she is addicted to dancing Forró and plays in an orchestra.



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Judith Wewerka

External PhD Student

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