Prof. Dr. habil. Ansgar Scherp

Prof. Dr. habil. Ansgar Scherp

Head of the Working Group Data Science and Big Data Analytics

My research interests in Data Science are in natural language processing and graph data mining.

Example research topics

  • Analysis of scientific documents using transformer models
  • Extreme Multi-label Text Classification
  • Graph Representation Learning
  • Graph Summarization

Topics for theses for Bachelor and Master can be found here.

More information about my teaching concept can be found here.

stellv. Institutsdirektor
Room: O25 342
Phone: +497315024130



PhD Students

Marcel Hoffmann

Marcel Hoffmann

My main research interessts are

  • Life Long Learning 
  • Out of Distribution Detection
  • Graph Representation Learning
  • Automated Feedback for Scientific Writing

If you are interessted in a thesis related to one of these fields, I'm happy to receive your e-mail.

Room: O25 354

Nicolas Lell

Nicolas Lell

I'm interested in different machine learning topics such as:

  • Flat Optimum / Sharpness Aware Minimization
  • Machine Unlearning
  • Graph Representation Learning
  • Automated Feedback for Text

If you are interested in doing a project or thesis with me, look at the slides above and write me an email.

Room: O25 354

External PhD Students

Passant Elchafei

Passant Elchafei

Passant's research lies in the area of natural language processing. Particularly using Transformer models and Arabic language.

Scientific Assistants


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