Nicolas Mundbrod

Nicolas Mundbrod, M.Sc. studied computer science (incl. minor in economics) at Ulm University and graduaded with distinction in 2012.

For his PhD thesis, he elaborates how knowledge workers can be better supported in the scope of knowledge-intensive processes (see proCollab). In 2014, Nicolas was the Local Organization Chair of the IEEE EDOC 2014 Conference in Ulm. Finally, he was a team member of the successfully completed research projects SustainHub (EU project) and casavi as well as he currently contributes to the project CaPE.

During leisure time, he prefers doing various sports, e.g. soccer, running, or skiing.

Research Interests

  • Knowledge-intensive Business Processes
  • Smart Business Processes
  • Industry 4.0
  • Business Process Modeling


Supervised Teaching Modules

Regarding teaching, Nicolas has supervised various seminars, educational projects, and the following lectures (as an exercise instructor):

  • Business Process Management, winter term 2017/2018
  • DBIS Lab, SS 2017
  • Business Process Management, winter term 2016/2017
  • DBIS Lab, summer term 2016
  • Business Process Management, winter term 2015/2016
  • DBIS Lab, summer term 2015
  • Business Process Management, winter term 2014/2015
  • Database Internals, summer term 2014
  • Distributed Information Systems, winter term 2013/2014
  • Database Internals, summer term 2013
  • Database Systems - Concepts and Models, winter term 2012/2013
  • Distributed Information Systems, summer term 2012
  • Business Process Management, winter term 2011/2012
  • Computer Science Introduction, winter term 2011/2012

Supervised Theses

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Supervised Master & Bachelor Theses

Contact Details

Nicolas Mundbrod

Research assistant

Consultation hours on appointment.


Phone:+49 731 50 24 131
Fax:+49 731 50 24 134