Research Activities

My major research addresses advanced issues in the engineering, implementation and practical use of adaptive process-aware information systems (PAIS). In particular, it targets at next generation process management technologies, which will enable a high degree of process flexibility for end users as well as full process lifecycle support in a variety of domains; i.e., the overall goal is to provide integrated and generic services for the modeling, configuration, implementation, enactment, (dynamic) change, mining, and evolution of business processes in PAIS. 

Currently, I am (co-)coordinator of the following research projects:

ATAPIS (Adaptive Time- and Process-aware Information Systems)
C³Pro (Enabling Change and Compliance for Collaborative Processes)
CheckRPA (Checklist-based support of knowledge-workers in RPA projects)
MARPLE (Managing Robust Mobile Processes in a Complex World)
PHILharmonic Flows (Linking Processes, Humans and Information)
PROCEED (PROactive Consistency for EE product Data management)
proCollab (Process-aware Support for Collaborative Knowledge Workers)
proTeus (Process Technology Evolved For User Systems)
proView (Personalized and Updatable Process Visualizations)
QuestionSys (A Generic and Flexible Questionnaire System Enabling Process-Driven Mobile Data Collection)

Below you can find a list of completed research projects I was involved in:

ADEPT1 (Flexible Workflow Management) 
ADEPT2 (Next Generation Process Management Technology)
ADEPTdistribution (Scalability in WfMS and Distributed Workflow Control)
ADEPTevolution (Schema Evolution in Workflow Systems)
AristaFlow (Developing Processes in a "Plug & Play"-like Style)
casavi (A Platform for flexible Real Estate Processes and Services)
CEOSIS (Controlled Evolution of Organizational Structures in Information Systems)
Corepro (Data-driven Process Structures)
DYCHOR (Dynamic Choreographies)
EcoPost (Estimating Costs for Process-aware Information Systems)
ENPROSO (Enhanced Process Management through Service Orientation)
MinAdept (Mining Process Variants & Process Changes)
MoDe4SLA (Monitoring Dependencies for SLAs)
niPRO (Personalized and Intelligent Process Portals)
ProCycle (Life Cycle Support in Process-Aware Information Systems)
Proviado (Process Visualization in the Automotive Domain)
Provop (Process Variants by Options)
ProWAP (Process Modelling Based on Workflow Activity Patterns)
Q-Advice (Quality ADVisory Infrastructure for Collaborative Engineering)
Qube (Quality Assessment and Management in Business Process Design, Implementation and Enactment)
SustainHub (Sustainability Data Exchange Hub)
SOPHINA (Software Products and Processes with Integrated Variability Support)

In these projects we conduct design research, but also apply empirical as well as experimental research. It is also our philosophy to develop advanced proof-of-concepts software prototypes and to evaluate them in real-world projects. In the context of the ADEPT project, for example, this led to a spin-off - called AristaFlow GmbH - which has tansferred the ADEPT research prototype into an industrial-strength BPM suite (AristaFlow-Forum).

The above listed research projects involve both national and international partners. While some of the projects focus on basic research, others apply developed concepts in advanced application domains like healthcare, automotive engineering or software engineering.