Coupé - Correctness and Compliance of Cross-Organizational Business Processes

Ulm University

PhD Seminar, David Knuplesch, Room: O27/545, Time: 4:00 pm, Date: June 5, 2014

Business partners must ensure the correct implementation and execution of their cross-organizational business processes. According to intra-organizational processes, the consideration of traditional correctness criteria (e.g., absence deadlocks and lifelocks) is not sufficient. In turn, compliance with rules stemming from guidelines, standards and laws must be ensured as well. However, in the context of cross-organizational business processes additional challenges emerge. On the one hand, current compliance rule languages do not offer adequate support for this scenario. On the other hand and in contrast to intra-organizational business processes, cross-organizational processes are implemented using a multistage procedure. Starting from process interaction models, which specify the messages exchanged and their order, this procedure leads over public views on the private process models to the latter themselves finally. To enable the earliest possible detection of errors during this procedure, correctness and compliance should be verified at all aforementioned stages.
For this purpose, David introduces the Coupé framework in his talk. This framework adapts and extends correctness and compliance criteria for intro-organizational business processes to the cross-organizational context. Coupé also provides algorithms and checks to verify these criteria. Finally, the framework supports the adequate modeling of compliance rules with the introduction of the extended Compliance Rule Graph (eCRG) language.