Investigating the Effects of a Virtual Process Environment on the Comprehension of Business Process Models

Ulm University

MA Abschlussvortrag, Carina Spitzer, Ort: Online, Datum: 27.10.2020, Zeit: 12:00 Uhr

Within the scope of Business Process Management and Modeling, gamification is used, inter alia, to promote process model comprehension and for motivational and educational purposes. In the context of gamification in Business Process Management, this master thesis aims to investigate the effects of a virtual process environment on the cognitive load a process reader perceives during the comprehension of a process model. The comprehension of process models is essential for the proper modeling of business processes, and vice versa. In addition to the previous research approaches in terms of gamification regarding the management and modeling of business processes, this master thesis takes into account concepts from cognitive research. A study with 72 participants was conducted online. Thereby, measures of interest were the cognitive load of the textual process description, the process model and the process model extended with graphics extracted from the virtual process environment. Therefore, a fractorial desgin was established as only the process model was extended with static pictures. The virtual process environment is realized through a video based on a 3D - warehouse scenario game. As a result, no significant difference in the perceived cognitive load of the process reader was found between the three process variants. In summary, after experiencing a virtual process environment, the cognitive load of the process documentations does not differ significantly. Further analysis has shown that the process reader’s confidence in the completeness and adequacy of the shown process documentation is associated with the process document variant. Participants were more confident about the correctness of the process model extended with graphics.