Overcoming the Drawbacks of Traditional Process Management Software

Ulm University

Invited Keynote, ICSOFT 2019 Conference, Prague, Czech Republic; 26 July 2019

Manfred Reichert, Ulm University

The increasing importance of data for process-aware software systems has led to the emergence of data-centric process support paradigms, e.g., artifact-centric, object-aware, and data-driven approaches. By tightly integrating process and data, corresponding approaches differ significantly from the widely used traditional (i.e. activity-centric) process paradigm, aiming at the support of data-intensive business processes and offering increased flexibility. In particular, the progress of a data-centric process depends on the availability of data rather than on the completion of activities. Moreover, the focus has shifted from large, monolithic processes towards rather small processes (e.g., object lifecyces), which need to collaborate in order to reach a common business goal. The keynote speech will provide profound insights into fundamental concepts, features and tools of data-centric approaches to BPM. Moreover, it will discuss how this process support paradigm opens up new prospects with respect to the engineering, automation, and monitoring of business processes in the era of digitization and Industry 4.0.