Corona: Helping science via App

Ulm University

Press release from the University of Würzburg

The recently released CORONA HEALTH-App aims to monitor both mental and physical health during and after the covid-19 pandemic via short weekly questionnaires.

Studies based on these questionnaires should then identify the need for improvement in both existing health systems and individual coping skills. Furthermore, these findings are used as a basis for recommendations on how to reduce the negative effects caused by the pandemic itself, as well as measures to contain it.

Contribution of the Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) to the development of the CORONA HEALTH app:

The Institute of Databases and Information Systems under the supervision of Professor Manfred Reichert was involved in the development of the Android version of the CORONA HEALTH app. Professor Rüdiger Pryss also conducted research at our institute until 2019 - before moving to the University of Würzburg.