Further funding project in the SME Innovative program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Ulm University

The DBIS working group of Prof. Manfred Reichert and PITSS GmbH has been awarded another research project by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the "SME Innovative: Software-intensive Systems" program. From September 2023 to August 2025, the project "ProcMAPE - Development of a MAPE framework for data-driven adaptation of object-centered processes in software systems" will be funded by the BMBF with more than 700,000 euros, of which around 200,000 euros will be allocated to the DBIS.

Legacy software systems are often used to support business processes, which are outdated and hide the process logic in the code. Vital process adaptations to changing circumstances are generally not adequately supported. The aim of the ProcMAPE project is to enable (partially) autonomous, data-driven adaptations of object-centric processes in software systems. In order to realize this flexibility with the required robustness, efficiency and traceability for users, a holistic approach is required, which is summarized in the project under the acronym MAPE: (1) Monitoring, (2) Analysis, (3) Planning and (4) Execution. The aim is to achieve (1) continuous monitoring and (2) the analysis of running processes, (3) the derivation, evaluation and planning of necessary process adaptations and (4) the technical system implementation of these adaptations (e.g. by adapting program code, database schemas, and electronic user forms). The overall goal is the development and implementation of an automated solution approach for monitoring and analyzing ongoing processes as well as the planning and technical implementation (i.e. execution) of necessary process and code adaptations.

Recently, with SoftProc the two partners successfully completed another project in the SME Innovative program with SoftProc.

The ProcMAPE project team at a meeting in February 2024 - from left to right: Andreas Gaede (CEO PITSS), Edher Diaz (PITSS), Prof. Manfred Reichert (Institute Director DBIS, Ulm University), Stephan La Rocca (PITSS), Lisa Arnold, Marius Breitmayer (both Ulm University)