Restructuring at the institute

Due to personnel changes at the institute, only the following courses are taking place:

Seminars, Projects, Lecture Systems Benchmarking, Lab Microcomputers

Institute of Information Resource Management

We currently focus our activities on autonomous Management of Information infrastructures, efficient realisation of Cloud- and Clustersystems and how through tight integration of application, middleware and hardware management service provision can be optimized.

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Our latest publications


L. Schubert, A. Predoi and K. Jeffery,<prt>Interpolating 3D stratigraphic information from written excavation reports</prt>, 2016.
L. Schubert, S. Wesner, D. Rubio Bonilla and T. Cucinotta, "<prt>Autonomic Distribution and Adaptation</prt>" in Programming Multi-core and Many-core Computing Systems, Wiley Computing, 2016.
D. Baur and J. Domaschka, "Experiences from Building a Cross-cloud Orchestration Tool" in Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on CrossCloud Infrastructures &amp; Platforms, New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2016, pp. 4:1--4:6.


D. Baur, D. Seybold, F. Griesinger, A. Tsitsipas, C. B. Hauser and J. Domaschka, "Cloud Orchestration Features: Are Tools Fit for Purpose?" in IEEE 8th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, International Conference on Utility and Cloud , Limassol, Cyprus, December 07-10, 2015, Dec. 2015.
M. Sarker, J. Domaschka and S. Wesner, "Is Network Virtualisation Ready for 10 Gigabit?", Sep. 2015.

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