This page is an overview page for all projects offered at the institute:

  • Application and Management of distributed IT systems 
  • Management of Cloud, IoT, and HPC Environments
  • Distributed IT Systems Resource Management


An up-to-date topic is first worked on in independent study and literature research to be later discussed with advisors and within the context of the institute seminar. Later a more concrete, individual topic is worked on. All the work is supervised by an advisor.

Examplary topics include for instance:

  • Development of a lifecylce management system für distributed, self-adaptive Cloud applications
  • Implementation and integration of software and compute clusters for distributed machine learning for analysing and opimizing cloud applications
  • Integration of new features into cloud system software such as OpenStack and Kubernetes.
  • Design and implementation of local and public IoT environments
  • Implementation of modules for an IoT operating system

Hints and recommendations

Projects spanning more than one semester may be completed within one semester, e.g. by working more during the semester breaks.

The various names of the project modules are caused by different names required in the modules handbook and constraints imposed by the different subjects of study. Please get in touch in case of questions or if in doubt!