This page surveys all seminars offered at the institute:

  • Selected Topics in Data Centre Operations
  • Research Trends in Data Centre Operation
  • Research Trends in the Internet of Things

Course Description

At the beginning of a semester aspects of scientific work are introduced (literature research, writing a publication, styles of presentation), to help students get along from a methodolical point of view.

The actual work done in the seminar (research, writing papers, doing a presentation) is supervised by an advisor and results will be presented during a workshop.

Selected papers may go into an annually published proceedings.

Educational Objectives

Primary educational objectives are working with scientific literature as well as presenting scientific content in written and oral form unsing correct terms. 

Teaching is done by example/topic and each student processes an individual topic in scientific manner. Students will get to know a concrete topic, concept, and method and will be able to classify this into a wider context as well as dicuss its pros and cons independently.