Post Graduate School "Cognitive Computing in Socio-Technical Systems" of Ulm University and University of Applied Sciences Ulm


The post graduate school (Promotionskolleg) aims to develop innovative approaches for cognitive machines and the upcoming era of cognitive computing. Those approaches constitute the methodological and technological foundation for implementing complex infrastructures that enable the creation of new kinds of socio-technical systems in which humans and artificial system collaborate and interact with each other. Respective infrastructures further will enable the implementation of intelligent service robots and companion systems as well as a resource-effective control of logistics and production processes. Finally, they are of high relevance for bringing Industry 4.0 to life.


Ulm University and the University of Applied Sciences Ulm award 12 scholarships to highly-qualified scientific talents for preparing the doctoral degree in accordance with the Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz (LGFG). Scholarships will be granted for 12 doctoral projects for initially one year, starting – if possible – on 1st October 2016. There will be the option of a two-year extension (i.e. the standard funding term is 3 years).

The research program is structured into 12 doctoral projects. These aim at tightly linking the four fundamental pillars of cognitive computing – perception, planning & reasoning, learning, and interaction. Application domains include service robotics, Industry 4.0, decentralized logistics and adaptive process management systems. The doctoral projects will set individual priorities to the four fundamental pillars on one hand and the respective application domains on the other.
With blurring roles between the further development of the methods (push, inner circle) and the needs from the application fields (pull, outer circle), the focus of the research projects will be set.


Funded by the Minstry for Science, Research and Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg

Scholarship Holders