P10: Cognitive Concepts to Improve Collaboration of Human Operators and Service Robots in Picking Processes

Project Description:


In the context of order picking, a distinction between person-to-goods (P2G) and goods-to-persons (G2P) is made. While the degree of automation in state-of-the-art G2P solutions is quite advanced, P2G order picking is still labor- and resource-intensive. As for many practical scenarios, P2G order picking is advantageous, an increased automation shall be achieved by introducing robots that support the humans. Respective collaboration robots shall be as flexible as their human colleagues, showing the same perception and actuator capabilities. In project P10, fundamental learning and perception concepts will be developed, enabling a flexible collaboration between human and robot.  

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Affiliation:University of Applied Sciences Ulm
Methods/Technologies:perception, learning
Applications:service robotics