P3: Embedding Cognitive Functions into Service Robots via Model-Driven Design

Project Description:

A service robot / companion needs to achieve a certain quality-of-service (quality of task execution) under adequate use of resources (e.g. level of robustness and autonomy in relation to spent resources). One approach is to explicate and model variation points at design-time which the robot then can exploit at run-time for situation-aware decisions. Late-binding of variation points at run-time shall take into account and balance non-functional properties (safety, energy consumption, quality of task execution, etc.). The objective is to improve robustness and adequateness of task execution in all-day environments. Project P3 aims at tightly linking behavior models (e.g. task nets, process models) with software models (model-driven software development). This includes the transformation of design-time models and design-time policies into run-time models and run-time configurations.

Direct supervisor:

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Affiliation:University of Applied Sciences Ulm
Methods/Technologies:planning & reasoning
Applications:service robotics, adaptive process-management-systems



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