Information on the application procedure

Ulm University and the University of Applied Sciences Ulm award

12 scholarships to highly-qualified scientific talents for preparing the doctoral degree

in accordance with the Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz (LGFG). Scholarships will be granted for 12 doctoral projects for initially one year. There will be the option of a two-year extension (i.e. the standard funding term is 3 years).

The twelve doctoral projects aim at tightly linking the four fundamental pillars of cognitive computing – (i) perception, (ii) planning & reasoning, (iii) learning, and (iv) interaction. Application domains include service robotics, Industry 4.0, decentralized logistics, and adaptive process management systems.


A scholarship can be granted provided that the following conditions are met:

  • an outstanding qualification,
  • acceptance as a doctoral candidate in the respective department of Ulm University, and
  • the scientific support by a professor of Ulm University / University of Applied Sciences Ulm.


For still open projects you may submit an application at any time!

Please send your application including the necessary attachments (e.g., certificates) in one email to manfred.reichert(at) But please regard that you must use the provided application template (available in the right column) and the subject of the email must be "Application KPK Cognitive Systems". Further, please use the PDF format only, keep the file size small and, especially, additional materials should be in one single PDF format document, rather than separate files.

Alternatively, you may send your application to the following postal address:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert
Universität Ulm, Institut für Datenbanken und Informationssysteme
D-89069 Ulm, Germany

On your cover letter please write code number 68, KPK "Cognitive Computing" as well as the supervisors of the projects you are interested in.