P9: Control of Distributed Production and Logistics Systems Based on Real-time Analysis of Operational Data

Project Description:

As a fundamental service of production & logistics systems in the age of Industry 4.0, compartmentalized components are marked with RFID transponders in order to track and trace their way along the supply chain. In turn, this results in large, fine-grained data streams that comprise comprehensive temporal and motion annotations (i.e., big data). The ability to flexibly transform these data into decision-relevant knowledge for controlling, adapting and optimizing production and logistics processes will become a critical success factor for the competitiveness of single enterprises as well as corporate networks. Project P9 will develop scalable, real-time data analytics techniques in order to enable a dynamic, context-aware reconfiguration of distributed production & logistics systems.

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Affiliation:Ulm University
Applications:Industry 4.0, decentralized logistics