P11: Planning of Logistic Systems and Processes Based on Technical and Social Data Sources

Project Description:

The planning of warehousing, order picking and transport is often accomplished based on a limited amount of data (e.g., handling frequencies, order numbers and stocks). In particular, this planning must consider the increasing need to deliver customer-specific product variants in small numbers as well as to cope with dynamic sales fluctuations. Taking the demand for highly reactive and efficient deliveries into account, solutions for flexibly and properly coordinating logistics processes are required. In particular, these solutions should have access to a broad spectrum of data that include, for example, traffic data, data from social networks, information about marketing activities, product-related news, and weather data. In project P11 solutions utilizing such big data and allowing for the strategic and operative planning and enactment of logistics processes will be developed.

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Affiliation:University of Applied Sciences Ulm
Methods/Technologies:planning & reasoning, learning
Applications:decentralized logistics, adaptive process-management-systems