P12: Workflow-based Arrangement of Decision-making for Autonomous Agents

Project Description:

Contemporary production and logistics systems are mainly organized in a centralized way and, hence, resources are managed centrally as well. Accordingly, these systems are not well scalable. In future scenarios, therefore, production and logistics systems will be more and more split into autonomous components in order to reduce complexity, increase robustness, and improve scalability. The larger scope of these autonomous components with respect to decision-making will be characterized by local decisions and, hence, external resources will not be permanently available. Project P12 investigates how the scopes of decision-making can be organized in a way such that common (i.e. overall) objectives will be reached. Thereby, the principle of subsidiarity shall be followed, while coping with the varying availability of resources as well.

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Affiliation:University of Applied Sciences Ulm
Methods/Technologies:planning & reasoning
Applications:Industry 4.0, decentralized logistics, adaptive process-management-systems