The Institute of Distributed Systems is actively researching scalability, reliability, security and privacy, self-organization, and complexity management issues in distributed systems. We apply our research to a wide range of practical use cases, including cloud computing and vehicular communication networks.


Moreover, we offer lectures and projects related to our research, including computer networks, distributed systems, and security and privacy. Open theses and projects can be found on the corresponding web pages. For exams, please refer to corresponding details.

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Our Most Recent Publications


J. Nagler, F. Kargl, S. Schlott and M. Weber, "<prt>Ein Framework für MANET Routing Protokolle</prt>" in Workshop on Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (WMAN'02), Ulm, Germany: GI e.V., 2002.
M. Schalk, T. Liebig, T. Illmann and F. Kargl, "<prt>Combining FIPA ACL with DAML+OIL - a Case Study</prt>" in Second International Workshop on Ontologies in Agent Systems (OAS 2002), Bologna, Italy, 2002.


H. P. Reiser, M. Steckermeier and F. J. Hauck, "IDLflex: a flexible and generic compiler for CORBA IDL" in Proc. of the Net.ObjectDAYS, Erfurt, 10-13.9.2001, Sep. 2001.
H. P. Reiser, M. Steckermeier and F. J. Hauck, "IDLflex: a flexible and generic compiler for CORBA IDL" , Sep. 2001.
F. J. Hauck, U. Becker, M. Geier, E. Meier, U. Rastofer and M. Steckermeier, "AspectIX: a quality-aware, object-based middleware architecture" in Proc. of the 3rd IFIP Int. Conf. on Distrib. Appl. and Interop. Sys. - DAIS, Krakow, Sep. 2001.

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