Notes about Exams at the Institute of Distributed Systems

For oral exams you register via the HIS online portal. Then contact our secretary's office to arrange an appointment. You can reach the secretary personally in room O27-349, by phone at +49.731.50.24140 or at this e-mail address.

Please have your student ID or other photo identification ready for the exam.

COVID-19: Until further notice, oral examinations are offered in two variants, presence examinations with special attention to hygiene measures, and oral online examinations. Please note that for some exams the examiners prefer a certain type of examination and that the other type may not be offered at all. In case of doubt, please ask the examiner. When you register online, check that you have actually chosen the variant you want.

Oral Examinations in Presence

Oral examinations in presence will no longer be offered from November 2020 until further notice. Please do not register for presence examinations any more.

The exam is currently taking place in room O27-341. Wear a mouth-nose mask until the examiner gives you permission to take it off. Be sure to sign out of the exam and do not come if you have symptoms of COVID-19, if you have had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, or if you have been quarantined. You must bring a signed statement that these conditions do not apply to you. You will find the corresponding form with further information in the university's examination guidelines.

Oral Online Exams

For an oral online examination, the following conditions must be fulfilled on the candidate's side:

  • a camera that can take a picture of the examinee with full upper body in a neutral place (no aids) without external distraction,
  • a microphone that can record the answers of the examinee in an understandable way,
  • a computer with a sufficiently fast Internet connection for capturing the camera image and microphone

The examinee can see and hear examiners and assessors. The assessor writes an examination protocol as usual. Recording is not permitted either on the side of the examinee or the examiner.

The examiner can stop the examination at any time if he/she comes to the conclusion that

  • the examinee uses unauthorised aids,
  • the quality of the connection does not allow a meaningful examination.

The examination is repeated in its entirety at a later date in the event of a break-off. By registering for an oral online examination (these are specially marked in the system), the candidate acknowledges the special conditions.

Please also note the university's examination guidelines.

Written examinations must be registered at least four days before the examination date. Registration afterwards is not possible. Please observe the deadlines. Registration is always done via the HIS online portal.

For the written examination please bring your student card or other photo identification with you. Please note the aids allowed for the respective examination.

COVID-19: Until further notice, please wear a mouth and nose mask on the way to and from the written examination. This can be taken off at your seat during the examination. Due to the current situation, we kindly aks all examined students to keep their masks on also during examination. It is essential that you sign out of the examination and do not come if you have symptoms of COVID-19, have had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, or have been quarantined. During the examination you must confirm that you do not fulfil these restrictions. Please also refer to the university's examination guidelines.


Students will be informed of the possibility of viewing written examinations after correction. Please always bring a student ID card or other photo identification with you. Objections to the correction must always be submitted in writing. There are appropriate forms that students can fill in when reviewing written examinations. Photography is not permitted during inspection.

Please also note the corresponding additional notes in the announcements.

COVID-19: The organisation of inspections under corona conditions must be even stricter than before. For this reason, an individual time window for the inspection is agreed upon with the students, which must be strictly adhered to. Those who do not appear on time lose their right to inspect at the institute. The inspection room is treated like an examination room, i.e. students who wish to inspect the institute are assigned a dedicated place which they should not leave until the end of the time window. Please also note the additional announcements regarding the respective inspection.

Do not come to the inspection, if you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with infected persons or are in quarantine. During the inspection you must declare and sign that the above conditions do not apply to you.

For an up-to-date list of open bachelor's and master's theses, please have a look to our theses page. Besides, you are encouraged to contact dedicated members and professors of the institute.

Old news can be found in the archive.


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