Reykjavík Summer School
on Secure and Reliable Distributed Systems 2022

Venue: Reykjavík University, Reykjavík, Iceland
Time: June 13 to 23, 2022
Target Group: Students, PhD students and professionals in computer science and related subjects
Language: English
Tuition Fee: None (but participants have to pay travel, accomodation and food)
Application: Deadline has expired!
Downloads: Flyer


This summer school is supposed to address dependable and secure distributed systems. Distributed systems are meanwhile ubiquitious. The vast majority of services on the Internet rely on many computers and are highly distributed (e.g., social networks, smart homes, IoT, Industry 4.0). With distribution the probability for failures and security breaches rises. With the proliferation of these systems into critical areas, the need for dependable and secure development and operation becomes evident. This summer school wants to give detailled insights into this subject. Next to practially relevant solutions, current research questions and solutions shall be addressed. Experienced researchers will teach a broad set of aspects in the field.


Arian Baloochestani Asl
Univ. of Stavanger, NO
Prof. David Bermbach
TU Berlin, DE
Prof. Hermann de Meer
Univ. of Passau, DE
Prof. Rocco De Nicola
IMT Lucca, IT
Dr. Benjamin Erb
Ulm Univ., DE
Prof. Franz J. Hauck
Ulm Univ., DE
Prof. Leander Jehl
TU Braunschweig, DE
Prof. Frank Kargl
Ulm Univ., DE
Prof. Marcel Kyas
Reykjavík Univ., IS
Prof. Jacqueline Mallett
Reykjavik Univ., IS
Prof. Hans P. Reiser
Reykjavik Univ., IS
Prof. Luca Viganò
Kings College, UK

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Federal Ministry of Education and Research
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