Stephan Kleber

Stephan Kleber graduated from his studies of computer science at the University of Ulm in 2011 as Master of Science. Until 2012, he worked at the data processing service center of the University Medical Center Ulm (ZIK). During this time he also supervised courses and theses at the Institute of Media Informatics in the areas IT-Security and Privacy. 2012/2013 he worked in cooperation with the Institute of Information Resource Management and the Institute of Distributed Systems as research assistant in the bwGRiD-Portalproject. From 2013 to 2018 he was research assistant at the Institute of Distributed Systems.

Since 2019 he Stephan Kleber works ass Security Architect at Daimler TSS while he expedites his dissertation.


I am interested in Security and Privacy in IT-Systems in general.

My emphasis lies in the areas:

  • Analysis of network protocols and Protocol Reverse Engineering
  • Usage of Physical(ly) Unclonable Functions (PUFs)
  • Security of wireless communications, especially of Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs)

Besides that my further interests are:

  • Security and forensics of mobile devices
  • Privacy implications on unsing mobile devices
  • Malware analyses
  • Penetration testing
  • Security of web technologies

Since 2008 I participated in the iCTF of UCSB with the team Ulm Security Sparrows of the University of Ulm on a regular basis.


Supervision of theses

Gladly, I take the supervision of bachelor's, master's and diploma theses from any area of my research. Suggested topics can be found under Theses. Own propositions are welcome.

Excercises for Lectures

(Pro-)Seminars, Praktica und Project Modules

Stephan Kleber, M. Sc.

Stephan Kleber, M. Sc.
Stephan Kleber, M. Sc.

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